Technology Performance Attributes

Most measures of productivity are presented in the form of Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”). However, we at ILeasePro believe that there are other performance attributes  which may not be quantifiable in the sense of KPIs but are equally important to consider in making a selection of a technology solution. When we designed iLeasePro, we considered four fundamental building blocks in our concept of a successful technology solution:
  • Efficiency
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Seamless Collaboration
  • Employee Productivity and Satisfaction
Efficiency was a critically important consideration in the design of iLeasePro. We wanted the user to have all lease information readily available in a central repository. Lease information, including key documents, contacts and critical dates are stored in the system and available to all that have access rights (no more running to the file cabinet).  Our Lease Analysis feature makes it much easier to compare alternative deals so that business leaders can make faster and more strategic decisions. For the accountants, Excel spreadsheets are eliminated and replaced by an intuitive accounting solution able to accommodate the new lease accounting standards. Cost Effectiveness deals principally with the cost of technology which can be a crushing burden for any business. iLeasePro is a cloud-based solution which eliminates much of the need for expensive capital expenditures and internal IT support staff. Ease of implementation eliminates much of the need for expensive training. Last but not least, iLeasePro is scalable and priced to be attractive to various sized businesses. Seamless Collaboration is all about access to data. With a cloud-based solution such as iLeasePro, access rights can be made available to all that have a need for the information (controlled, of course, by an administrator).  Multiple locations can have access to lease information and iLeasePro can be accessed on mobile devices for real-time data availability. Employee Productivity and Satisfaction is essentially a byproduct of all of the above attributes of our solution. When employees have ease of access to data and easy to use, up to date technology, many of the frustrations that can be a part of the working environment are eliminated. More productive employees are more satisfied employees. With these building blocks in place, we are confident that iLeasePro can bring significant cost savings to the lease evaluation, management and accounting function. Try iLeasePro for free right now; You can take a video tour of iLeasePro or schedule some time on our online demo calendar to see how iLeasePro can help you and your firm comply to the ASC 842 Standard.

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