Transitioning Clients to the FASB ASC842 Lease Accounting Standard: A Guide for Advisory Firms

iLease Management LLC (“iLease”) has been providing insightful research and recommended approaches into the proposed lease accounting changes since 2011. We do provide a brief overview and update of the proposed lease accounting changes in this document, but you will find that this whitepaper is different than others that we have authored. In this whitepaper we explain not only how the proposed lease accounting changes will impact organizations but present, at the functional level, what questions need to be considered in order to successfully adopt with these upcoming standard changes. We dive into functional areas like Corporate, Finance, Treasury, Human Resource and Technology. And given the resource limitations within most organizations, we show how the lease accounting changes will present opportunities to CPA firms and Consulting and Advisory firms (“advisory firms”) that are looking for ways to build deeper client relationships and suggest how an advisory firm can position itself to be proactive and provide technology and advisory services that are of critical importance to their clients.

Download iLeasePro’s whitepaper here

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