Simplify ASC 842 Compliance Support with iLeasePro for CPAs

iLeasePro Multi Client Login Access

iLeasePro, the cost-effective cloud lease accounting solution, recently released a new feature specifically for CPA, Advisory, and Consulting firms that need to manage and support multiple clients transition and adoption to the ASC 842 Lease Accounting Standard. This enhancement offers the ability to link across multiple accounts within iLeasePro at the click of a button.

iLeasePro is an intuitive, cost-effective and accurate cloud lease accounting and lease management solution that simplifies the transition to and adoption of the ASC 842 Lease Accounting standard changes.  

Key Lease Accounting Features included in iLeasePro;

  • Day 1 Automatically build ASC 840 Adjustment Journal Entries
  • Setup Individual Leases According to the ASC 842 standard requirements
  • Generate Amortization Schedule for a lease or the entire portfolio of leases
  • Generate ASC 842 Compliant Journal Entries for a lease or the entire portfolio of leas
  • Journal Entries and Amortization Schedules can be exported or uploaded to your accounting system
  • ASC 842 Financial Reporting Disclosure reports
  • Automated Journal Entries for Variable Payments and Operating Sublease

In addition to its intuitive use, cost-effective pricing and accurate lease accounting calculations, iLeasePro offers lease management features like document management, critical date notification and portfolio management for your client lease portfolios.

iLeasePro ASC 842 Lease Accounting and Lease Management Solution

You can take a video tour of iLeasePro or schedule some time on our online demo calendar to see how iLeasePro can help you and your firm with the overall lease management of your lease portfolio.  For more information on increasing productivity and efficiency of your lease portfolio, check out our blog and our extensive lease accounting and lease management knowledge base.

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