Unlocking Revenue Growth: How CPA Firms Can Boost MRR with ASC 842 Lease Accounting Solutions

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CPA firms can increase their Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) by providing ASC 842 Lease Accounting solutions for private company clients. By offering expert guidance and services related to the implementation and ongoing management of ASC 842, CPA firms can create new revenue streams and foster long-term client relationships. Here are some strategies for CPA firms to leverage ASC 842 Lease Accounting solutions to boost MRR:

  1. Develop expertise in ASC 842: Ensure that your team has a deep understanding of ASC 842 requirements, including lease classification, recognition, measurement, and disclosures. By becoming experts in this area, your firm will be well-equipped to attract clients who require assistance with the new standard.
  2. Offer implementation and transition services: Many businesses will need help transitioning to ASC 842. Offer services such as lease data abstraction, lease classification, and financial statement adjustments to help clients smoothly adopt the new standard.
  3. Provide ongoing lease management support: Offer continuous support with lease management under ASC 842, including lease modifications, reassessments, and financial statement disclosures. This ongoing support can build long-term relationships with clients and generate recurring revenue.
  4. Educate clients about ASC 842: Organize seminars, webinars, or written materials to help clients understand the implications of ASC 842 and the benefits of using lease accounting solutions. By demonstrating your expertise in this area, you can position your firm as a valuable resource for clients navigating the new standard.
  5. Leverage technology: Utilize advanced lease accounting software to automate and streamline lease management processes. This will enable you to serve your clients more efficiently, manage a larger client base, and increase MRR.
  6. Bundle ASC 842 services with other offerings: Package ASC 842 lease accounting services with other financial services, such as tax planning, financial statement preparation, and advisory services. This bundled approach can make your services more attractive to potential clients and increase the likelihood of long-term, recurring engagements.
  7. Target industries with high leasing activity: Focus on industries that rely heavily on leasing, such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare. By tailoring your ASC 842 lease accounting services to the specific needs of these industries, you can differentiate your firm and attract clients who require specialized expertise.
  8. Seek strategic partnerships: Collaborate with commercial real estate firms, property management companies, and other organizations that have a strong presence in the leasing industry. These partnerships can help expand your client base and generate more MRR by offering ASC 842 lease accounting services to their clients.

By offering ASC 842 Lease Accounting solutions and implementing these strategies, CPA firms in the United States can increase MRR, attract new clients, and strengthen existing client relationships.

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