iLeasePro Releases Auth0 for Enhanced Security and User Experience

iLeasePro Secure Solution

iLease Management LLC (“iLease”), a leading provider of the iLeasePro ASC 842 lease accounting and lease management solution, announced today a significant security enhancement to its iLeasePro platform.  iLease released a new security feature integrating Auth0 to streamline the authentication process and further enhance data security for its users.

In its relentless pursuit to continue to deliver a high quality cost-effective solution, iLease has taken another step forward by partnering with Auth0 by Okta, a globally recognized platform for identity management. This strategic addition to iLeasePro’s feature set underscores its commitment to providing users with secure, seamless access to its comprehensive lease accounting solution.

iLeasePro’s integration with Auth0 offers its users secure and simplified single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, multi-factor authentication, and adaptive authentication based on user behavior and location, creating a safer, more secure user environment.

“User experience and data security are the twin pillars of our service model. The incorporation of Auth0’s leading authentication protocols will not only enhance our security framework but also provide a seamless and user-friendly interface,” said John Meedzan, CEO of iLease. “Our clients trust us with their data, and this integration reinforces our commitment to their security.”

The iLeasePro Auth0 integration supports the ongoing scalability needs of the platform, allowing iLeasePro to continue its growth while providing an efficient and secure enterprise solution.

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