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FASB/IASB April 23, 2014 Meeting

The FASB and the IASB (“the Boards”) held a joint meeting earlier this week to continue their discussions on the proposed changes to the lease accounting standard. The Boards made more progress and came to a number of tentative conclusions designed to simplify their 2013 proposal. The definition of a “lease modification” was made clearer,… Read More »

Joint FASB/IASB Roundtable on Leases

Earlier this week, I attended one of the Joint FASB/IASB Roundtable session on Leases held in Norwalk CT. There were only about 15 attendees from those who submitted comment letters which was somewhat surprising since there were close to 600 comments letters submitted.  Numerous FASB and IASB Board members and staff were also in attendance.… Read More »