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Technology and processes to address the lease accounting changes

2014 Year End Review

The Joint Project on Lease Accounting initiated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) and the International Accounting Standards Board (“IASB”), collectively (“the Boards”) has certainly been ongoing for a significant amount of time. However, progress was made during 2014 and it appears as if the Boards are ready to finalize their deliberations. Let’s review… Read More »

Definition of a Lease

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (“FASB”) and the International Accounting Standards Board (“IASB”) (collectively, “the Boards”) met earlier this week to continue their deliberations on the Joint Lease Accounting Project. The meeting focused specifically on the definition of a lease and the Boards reiterated the conclusions that they had reached in their Joint Meeting in… Read More »

CPA Call to Action – Confronting the Lease Accounting Changes

Have you started thinking about how the Lease Accounting changes will impact your clients? We hope so!! We’ve written this free whitepaper for you, a CPA with real-world responsibility to your clients. This whitepaper has been written specifically for you as a CPA to help you better understand the opportunities available for you to… Read More »

Whitepaper: Implications of the Lease Accounting Changes to the Banking Industry

We’ve written this free whitepaper for bank executives with real-world responsibility. We’ve all seen endless hypothetical blather about the proposed lease accounting changes – but most of it is generic…for someone with a lease. So we created a fully researched and documented deep dive into the specific implications to banks. It covers topics that aren’t… Read More »

Aligning the numbers when comparing multiple leases during Lease Negotiation

In a previous Blog posting, we introduced our readers to the Lease Analysis component of iLeasePro, our comprehensive lease management technology solution specifically designed for lessees. We indicated that Lease Analysis is an invaluable tool that supports lease negotiations and lease reassessment by providing the user with the technology for evaluating all the financial terms… Read More »

Proposed Lease Accounting Standard Changes – Key Business Considerations for Lessees

I have heard it said many times that accounting results should not drive the basic economic decisions related to business. And I generally agree with that point of view. But it is difficult to ignore completely the accounting results and business analytical metrics that result from changes in accounting treatment and certainly the changes in… Read More »

Lease Expense Classification – the Impact is Broader than You May Think

The revised Exposure Draft on proposed Lease Accounting Changes issued in May 2013 (“the Revised ED”) contains provisions on expense classification that has broader implications than may be evident initially. For Type B leases, principally leases of property (real estate), the proposed expense is classified as lease expense and the expense recognition pattern is straight-line,… Read More »