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Technology and processes to address the lease accounting changes

Evaluating Leasing Alternatives

Evaluating Leasing Alternatives Many times when lessees are presented with the need to evaluate equipment or real estate leasing alternatives, the analysis of the lease focuses solely on the base rent payment terms.  Limiting the analysis can be a dangerous trap and ignores key considerations that are required to fully understand financial impact of a… Read More »

Importance of Documentation and Compliance

We all know that documentation and compliance has become extremely important in our current business environment,i.e., clear and complete explanations as to why certain actions or changes have been made and the ability to identify the source of those changes. But sometimes it can be time consuming and difficult to provide the documentation and  identification of… Read More »

Lease Management and Accounting Tool

We have some exciting news to share with all of our readers.  iLease Management LLC will soon launch a lease management and accounting tool that will meet the critical needs of lessees as they react to the new lease accounting standards and continuously try and gain efficiency in their day to day operations.  As we… Read More »


LEASE ACCOUNTING CHANGE EXAMPLE iLease Management LLC monitors and reports on the progress of the proposed changes to lease accounting.  The FASB and the IASB issued an Exposure Draft in 2010 which generated a significant amount of controversy among preparers and users of financial statements. The Boards continue to meet to evaluate the more contentious… Read More »

The importance of an automated Lease Management process

The importance of an automated Lease Management process During challenging economic times like these, it is critically important that property lease documents and its data be easily accessible and accurately represented by the managers of the property.   Property owners and managers that are not strategically using a well-defined repeatable process and lease abstracting software to… Read More »